The police who embarrassed, once again as always, Lul Basha

The police who embarrassed, once again as always, Lul Basha

Alfred Lela

When you remember the political odyssey of the Democratic Party under Lulzim Basha, the clashes with the State Police, its directors and the Ministers of Interior come to the fore, harsh, repeated, possessive. The opposition, especially during the four years of the second term, has been constantly confronted and in clashes with the Police. He has lost them all.

Some from the violence, some from the indecision of the party leadership, and some from the excesses in the strategic protagonism of a ministry, the word that falls, Sander Lleshaj.

Basha's Democratic Party lost to the Police in successive protests, both at the Prime Minister's Office and at the Assembly headquarters; lost in the courtyard of the National Theater; lost in the swearing that Fatmir Xhafaj 'enters the office only on our bodies'; lost to the Great Ring.

The reasons for these losses may be several, but the brightest remains the misguided confrontation, indecision, and hypocrisy of the leadership.

While for Basha the losses have been symbolic, ie a kind of shame of the general at the head of an army that has been beaten, raped, poisoned with tear gas, or arrested, it is the crowd itself, the body of Democrats, that has had the physical loss. It was they who responded to Basha's calls for a battle, who took, as they say, the 'short tail'. Only in the protests after the burning of mandates and before the local elections, 480 Democrats were detained, 160 of them with the measure of 'arrest in prison, 6 of them sentenced to 4 months, and many others still with criminal proceedings on their feet.

The only organization where the Police were defeated by the protests of the people was the rebellion for the tax on Rruga e Kombit. This is because that protest was not led by Lulzim Basha and the DP. As soon as Basha and his people, including anyone who is at Foltorja today, intervened, the protest was stopped and the police won again.

All these losses, although embarrassing, are candy before the catastrophe that Mr. Basha and his DP suffered on Saturday. While the extraordinary Assembly, convened by Berisha and part of the democratic leadership, was ending its work in Air Albania, numerous police forces surrounded the headquarters of the Democratic Party, where its chairman was located. In addition to the squads positioned around the headquarters, Police cars and Rapid Intervention, in full gear were also seen on the main streets of Tirana.

The fact, or fate, that the chairman of the largest opposition party, who has kept this force and its members in constant clashes with the Police for four years, 'seeks' the Police to protect themselves, right from the party members in itself, is an unprecedented precedent in history. Shame on you, black face.

Symbolically, this siege by the 'enemy' to protect you from the 'people of the house' marks the closing of the circle of the absurd in the leading style of Lulzim Basha at the head of the PD. In fact, he discovers that Basha is ready to do anything, to accept any pact, to step in to back down in order to preserve his chair.

When Belind Këlliçi, and then Berisha, called from the stadium, that there is no need for a police presence of the DP, that no one will attack, maybe Basha calmed down. He should have done the opposite. The only statement he was to make on Saturday should be: I urge law enforcement not to provoke Democrats! We are not a violent party, nor do we need the protection of Edi Rama's vassals.

He did not. Assembly Democrats in the stadium went to work after finishing work, just as Police went to their barracks. Since he could not shame the Democrats yesterday, he certainly expects to be ashamed of the bosses and the strongmen, who pass quickly and 'loads' under their noses, after the bosses have bought them.

But, this is Albania, and this is Luli with his Hoti tribe heroes.

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