What are these men looking for in the lali 'Potemkin village'?

What are these men looking for in the lali 'Potemkin village'?

Alfred Lela

The point is, ladies and gentlemen, that greed, for lack of a better word, is good *. This is one of the cynical and monumental sentences of Gordon Gekko the character of the Wall Street movie, played by Michael Douglas. Gekko, as in the next film Money never sleeps has become synonymous with the 'heartless capitalism' that Hollywood (rich) likes so much to portray.

Let us dwell on greed in politics since the thread of this editorial is also related to it. The case can be varied and can range from informative, to vanity and up to monetary. We have informational greed when a person does his best to be the center of attention, and when he can not do it creatively, that is, with his style and deeds, he buys or traffics media coverage. Vanity greed is related to information but differs from it in the fact that it invents events (pseudo-events) to simulate news and create their illusion (hope). This genre of communication is made possible, mainly, through events that aim to become central by inviting well-known television and kitsch characters. television, mostly people who have more fame than contributions. Financial greed, I believe, needs no explanation.

A much-discussed character of greed, their godmother, for some is the mayor Veliaj. As for me, I am not one of those who see this political and social figure in black and white. Its most accurate description is through light and shadow. Only professional servile and direct beneficiaries, or its employees, describe it with grades of superiority, almost biblical. At the other extreme are those who can not stand him for political motives, that he has ruined their work or has not fixed one.

I try to be part of a smaller group, which criticizes him when he gets on the neck of the city and praises him when he does good public works. It must be said that his hand, in the form of a collar, on the neck of Tirana, can best be illustrated by a saying, now introduced in urban jargon: once we had the Clock Tower, now all we have is a clock on the wall.

Good works should include systematization, aesthetics, and standardization of the Lake Park. Who does not even know this belongs to the first group, of fanatical opponents.

Despite the camps for Veliaj, he is not beaten without sticking his devilish head on the wall that separates the parties, as if trying to provoke one and push the other into even deeper bends. The most recent case is the world premiere of the '007' movie series, based on the famous and fictional character of British espionage, James Bond. An event that seemed to have been taken care of by the mayor himself, appeared on Sunday morning with photos of Saturday night, in more poses than the pose mayor Paris Hilton herself. As in a caressing bow for Ambassador Kim, as with fingers in the shape, he is the man with actors of political vaudeville, to photographic downloads that catch you unprepared and make you look like a big cul-de-sac in the all-silicon joy of the capital's vanities.

But, it's not the appearance that matters at that Saturday night movie premiere. The symbolism that those images signify, yes.

The mayor, for example, has inadvertently compromised some of his guests. When you saw the parade of the General Director of Police, the Chief Prosecutor of the Republic, or the head of the SPAK, you could not help but notice how they stood about the other guests. Not in the figurative sense, that these were not as beautiful as the invited peaches, but in that, the heads of these institutions are presumed to be on the sides or at least sideways tire. When in an event filled exclusively with representatives of the majority and their satellites in public life, you find the highest head of the Police and the leaders of the two newly reformed institutions, aiming for fair and impartial justice, you have no joy but anger. These men should not be there because the public expects them to play 007s in their service, not to simulate belated aristocracy through photo opp.

The parade pushed hard on the question: what unites these characters? Are they the backbone of Erion Veliaj 's albsoc (Albanian socialism), or nothing more than butterflies gathered around from the bright vanity lamp.

If the aim has been to present the upper society of the left the goal has been achieved.  


* The point is, ladies and gentlemen, that greed, for lack of a better word, is good: What I mean, ladies and gentlemen is that greed, in the absence of a more appropriate word, is a good thing

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