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'Basha 3 Government': a little Berisha, a little Rama, a little drama and no news

'Basha 3 Government': a little Berisha, a little Rama, a little drama

Lulzim Basha has been more cosmetic than ever in formulating the new leadership of the Democratic Party. He has elected four vice-presidents, all young, dismantling the 'old' Spaho-Paloka duo. An honorary place for one and a tribute to the abyss for the other.

The quartet composed of two women, Tabaku and Duma, and two men, Alibeaj and Rushaj, is in fact the best choice Basha could make. Although behind it lies a trap: the dismantling of the Secretary-General G. Bardhi whom he retained his post, not for merit, but two reasons. He has sworn allegiance to himself and could not strip him of the symbolic party power after the event in Elbasan, with one killed and the ambiguities of political and personal enmity.

But the four vice-presidents do this: They leave the symbolism to Bardhi and occupy every inch of power that remains under the flying carpet of the Basha-Berisha pact.

Even taken on its own, the foursome is not a bad selection. Tabaku and Duma are good as postcard par avion from a conservative party, which gives women the country, while Rushaj Alibeaj and politics are two operators to be. Clear in the presence and fine in operationality.

The secretariats are, as they have been since Berisha, more offices of internal symbolism than reflections of the DP in the social world or the reflection of this world in it. Basha, simply, has included all the currents that move in the riverbed of him and Berisha. Agron Gjekmarkaj has been accommodated even after the media shock of Mark Markut's departure, also to keep a Catholic representative in an all-Muhammadan leadership. An orthodox blindfold is provided by Enrique Pope, whom he has selected as head of the Freedom-Democracy Foundation. Ori Nebijaj, Top Channel showgirl is a talisman that comes from the family, but also from the electoral elixir of April 25, whose votes almost made the TV supplement parliamentary.

Jonila Godole, who comes from the university world, is also a bridge of friendship for the German Konrad Adenauer Foundation, the only loyal and stable ally among the internationals. Godole runs a KAS-supported memory NGO.

Observing Basha's exile for party critics remains inevitable. None of them has crossed the net of the National Council. Fatbardh Kadilli, a good politician of schemes - the prey of which sometimes falls even himself - remained out, although it seems that Basha preferred his ideas, but not the author. Arben Ristani is finally a has been. Agron Shehaj is left with only the walking ego and the opportunity to make it to the Parliament. Edit Harxhi is as far from leadership as Qavbeja in ancient Albanian songs. Bujar Nishani, former president and former minister, has been given only a glimpse to see the DP.

Symbolically, Basha could have agreed with one of them, but he has chosen to end the conflict by deepening it.

And well done. In a party with King Berisha, the followers of 'light weights' should be killed with criticism in the mouth.

Finally, Basha can not make news, except when the news is his absence.

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