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When Basha plays the tough guy

When Basha plays the tough guy

Grass Peka / Syri.net

We used to ask him to laugh less, as people did not take him seriously. His Israeli consultants had also asked him. Now he has become wild, and you no longer laugh at his lips. Every time he gets caught in the trap, he gets angry, threatens, and pretends to be strong. Kinda tough. Yesterday, he took courage and threatened Sali Berisha. His speech before the parliamentary group was noted for three things.

First, he said that "He comes not only from the Basha family, but also from the Hots, who is also known for other things", and 'knows how to behave differently'. Now, this one has started to look like two drops of water with Rama. Edi Rama has changed his religion seven times. Once a Muslim; once Catholic; once orthodox; then Bektashi; sometimes the Jew also comes out; then when he meets Erdogan he becomes a Muslim again. So it is with the origin of Basha. In the 2011 local elections, it was 'all from Tirana'. No connection to the space outside the Small Ring. Then for some time, he said that he was from Gjakova; then from Dibra; then Peja. And now, it turns out that I am from Hoti. He did not explain whether he was from Hoti as a province, or from the Hoti tribe. Maybe he will come out close to Ukshin Hoti, to look smart and pen. Not for nothing, but he also wrote a book. But unlike Ukshini, this is among the politicians with the poorest vocabulary. Even Bamir Topi passes. Maybe it will tell us that he is also brave. Strong. Tough guy. And when he appears strong, he embarrasses you.

It is not the first time. He pitched his tent in 2017 and acted like Rama's cub under the window. Then he went and put her to bed. In 2019 he handed over the mandates and threatened that there was no parliament, but his place was taken by Kujtim Gjuzi. He boycotted the local elections and swore that only if Rama passed, the elections would take place. Rama not only passed but pressed it like a roller. The strongest threat was with the appointment of Fatmir Xhafaj when he said that "only if you pass over our troops", he will be introduced in the Ministry of Interior. Xhafaj passed not only on Basha's body but also on Grida, Ervin, Jorida, Gazi. And now when he comes out and threatens Sali Berisha himself, he puts you in a dilemma: to cry, to laugh, or to scream with rage. Tones of strength resemble the screams of someone who has been caught alone in the woods overnight, and the loudest screams not to scare the savages, but to dispel the fear of oneself. Probably because of the proximity of the surname, he sees himself as a sucker of the door of the medieval Balshaj. And it's not bad. On the one hand, this brave man like Balshaj, on the other hand, Skanderbeg of Elisa, has no enemy to come forward.

Second, he reiterated the stale dish that he would not allow an anti-American DP. The choir does not lack the above characters, add Professor Gjekmarkaj. I do not know about these others, but I know about Basha that he is the most pro-American democrat in the country. Even more pro-American than all Democrats put together. Not for political, nor strategic, nor cultural, nor democratic reasons. Basha connects Benjamin Franklin with America. Not as one of the founding fathers of the United States, not as a scientist, not as a writer, not as a lawyer, not as a diplomat. But for his face. When he sees Benjamin Franklin's face his eyes fill with tears, his voice trembles, and his knees let go. Benjamin Franklin's face is iconic on the $ 100 coin. Six hundred thousand democrats have no name or face for Basha. For her, every Democrat is a Benjamin Franklin. Basha's Americanism does not go beyond it.

Third, he reiterated the idiocy that he would not allow the National Assembly to convene. He wrote and approved the PD statute himself. He even made himself a Car. But apparently, it did not occur to him that one day 80% of Democrats would gather and fire him. I do not allow myself to be fired just three months after I was elected chairman. He will serve a four-year term until the end. Are you saying that he is not the one who set up the tent in the middle of the boulevard and burned the place with Molotov only because he wanted to terminate the mandate of Edi Rama? With Molotov he does, with a vote in the Assembly he does not. But, as Basha himself wrote and said in the statute, the Assembly convenes and does not ask the President, the Presidency, or the National Council. To say that I do not allow the Assembly to convene is like saying that I do not allow the sun to rise tomorrow. The Assembly will convene; Basha will be fired; the sun will rise again; Democrats will go on with their lives. If Basha is from Hoti, of pen and rifle, he has a place in the Assembly. It is welcome. I believe that every Democrat would like to see him in the Assembly. The assembly is for men, and Hoti's men did not tail the assembly.  

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