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The Qafë Bari revolt as an ignored act of dissidence

The Qafë Bari revolt as an ignored act of dissidence

Lek Mirakaj

Coincidentally, perhaps the events that have left strong traces in the history of our people happened in May. May is a month of spring flowers and hopes, but several times, it has been accompanied by tragic events.

It has become an annual ritual, even in the post-dictatorship period of the murder by betrayal or the suicide of Qemal Stafa, a young man, I believe an idealist, who died without knowing what he was sacrificing for, and he could not have known, that how many times will you be cursed for the contribution you gave, in the so-called victory of monstrous communism. But with the consciousness inherited from the communist indoctrination, we forget that two events of historic proportions, in the period of the application of the most humane, anti-national, most shameful dictatorship in our history, make us today feel disappointed and ashamed before history and generations to come.

Silence is denial, and denial is the anteroom of the repetition of communist crimes. It is rightly said that people who do not fight do not deserve freedom. A propaganda of extraordinary proportions has been made to create the idea that there was no dissidence. A big lie, cooked in the garbage kitchen of the former communist dictatorship and trumpeted by the prophet and the captured media. Just the memory of the two revolts of political prisoners on May 23, 1973, in Spac, and May 22, 1984, in Qafe Bari, would be enough to say with conviction that in Albania, not only there is a continuous dissidence, but also genuine revolts political. It is a fact that the apparent cause of the revolts was the inhumane violence of the prison authorities, but this does not diminish the fact that, in those revolts, political slogans were thrown publicly, loudly, perhaps for the first time the slogan that became the leitmotif of the students years later, "we love Albania like all of Europe."

It's been 40 years since the day when the prisoners of Qafe Bari, for a few hours, turned the hell that the communists had created into a free territory, where they shouted, "Down with communism!". On this day, the prisoners made small criminals, Edmond Caja, Leke Ymeri, and Zylyftar Ramizi. It is the day when the martyrs Sokol Sokoli, Tom Ndoja, Sander Sokoli, and all those brave boys who paid for their heroism with long years of prison and torture rose and ascended the pedestal of immortality.

May 22, 1984, and May 23, 1973, should make all Albanians proud without distinction. It should shame our politicians, who not only did not respond to the historical truth, but because of their shame, they did not have the courage, even today 40 years, to give the appreciation they deserve to the heroes who rise in revolt. Shame and guilt that even today, legally, they consider terrorists, shame and black face for the political class that even today does not dare to expose the communist crime. 40 years have passed since the Qafe Bari revolt and 51 years since the Spaci revolt. It is time, or more precisely, the time has passed, for the heroes of the revolts to be erected a monument that would serve not only as an act of gratitude for their sacrifice, it will serve as an act of inspiration for generations to come. Such actions would prove that a proper act towards social reconciliation is being done. The heroes of Qafe Bari Sokol Sokoli, Tom Ndoja, and Sander Sokoli oblige us to be vigilant, ask us to respect and appreciate their heroic acts, and remind us that those directly responsible for the violence have not been held accountable even today.

Let's remember and not forget!


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