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Killing must be possible

Killing must be possible

Luciano Boçi

Elbasan does not find peace!

A young man, a family man amid thousands of life's ordeals, is executed without shame and hesitation in the midst of a horrified public.

Albania has no peace!

Murder is the music that accompanies our lives. It happens and is realized everywhere and the power of death in our country is in every corner.

Life is the most worthless thing here.

And people therefore run away, leave to try to find its value.

Macabre murder in the middle of the highway, murder in the middle of the city, murder in the family, murder in the street., murder on the beach. Murder in the north, murder in the south.

Murder... everywhere murder.

Our society has lost its social and psychological balance.

And everything comes from the deviation of political power, the murder that has happened to security, the future, education, meritocracy, values.

No matter how many criminological theories we raise, the solutions are simple.

The banditry of murders originates from the banditry of the state, from its absence when it comes to the lives of citizens and from its dominance when it comes to the enrichment of statesmen and oligarchs.

From the governing banditry that suffocates every life-giving cell in society, that has raised INJUSTICE into a cult, that has turned ROBBERY into merit, that gets rich on death, on the suffering and misery of ordinary people.

SO it's time for a reversal.

It is time to defeat death and murder.

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