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Foreign blogger and musician says that Dua Lipa's new song is similar to that of the group "Spirit Voice", Soni Malaj agrees

Dua Lipa's new song "Dance The Night" seems to bear a resemblance to the song Fuoristrada sung by the band Spirit Voice in the 97s. The new song has caused a lot of controversy in the network and has been commented a lot by foreign bloggers. This situation has not passed without being commented on Instagram by Soni Malaj, who was part of the Spirit Voice group. Soni has reposted the post of foreign blogger and musician, Arred Jermaine, who writes:

"Was Dua Lipa paying tribute to this group of Albanian girls in her new song "Dance The Night" from the movie Barbie?"

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Spirit Voice is a well-known group of artists, consisting of Angjelina Gilardi, Larisa Vrana, Dorina Nizami and Soni Malaj.

Foreign blogger and musician says that Dua Lipa's new song is similar to

They were the first girls to come out with their music video in an SUV, as was the title of the song. They brought the freshness and youth of the age through the style and trend of the late '90s. Fuoristrada is the first song of the group Spirit voice, sung in the Songs of the Season in 1997, with music by Alban Karabashi, who was also the creator of the group.

The song "Dance the Night" also gave us the first taste of the soundtrack of the new movie "Barbie" starring Margot Robbie. The song was released alongside a playful and all-pink music video featuring clips from the film directed by Greta Gerwig.

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