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Mistake with the anthem/ The English are furious with the singer, Elinora bursts into tears: I feel ashamed

Mistake with the anthem/ The English are furious with the singer, Elinora bursts

The Italian-American singer, Elinora, has apologized after the blunder during the singing of the English anthem "God Save The King" in the Naples stadium, "Maradona", before the qualifying match of the European Championship, Italy-England.

As the 28-year-old started to sing their anthem, she messed up the first few lines and was seen panicking, blaming the headphones. Afterwards, she seemed to get the situation under control, but was visibly struggling throughout the anthem.

 Speaking to the DailyMail after the match, she broke down in tears as she apologized for the performance:

" I'm just really angry about what happened because I wanted it to be perfect, but what happened wasn't my fault. I want to apologize to all the English fans who were in the stadium and those who were watching on TV. I am ashamed of what happened and I want people to know that I was not being disrespectful. It was a great honor to be asked to sing the national anthem and I was very excited about it.

I had never sung a hymn before. I'm more of a pop singer, but on the field there was a problem with the voice. I had rehearsed the anthem twice the day before the game and three times that night, but when it came time to sing it, I had a problem with my headphones.

I had the music in my ears, but then it stopped and started again and I was listening to it twice. So I was out of sync and it was hard for me to find the time. I tried my best to solve the problem but there was nothing I could do and I am very angry about it. I was trying to adjust and catch the time, but it was too late."

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