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Horoscope, what the stars predict for today

Horoscope, what the stars predict for today


Mercury and Venus are on your side: new acquaintances are favored, but try to follow the reason a little more. At work you have to make a decision and you can not go wrong especially this Thursday 30 because there is something that does not go as you would like!


The sentimental sphere is okay, love closes the month with a bloom. At work, try to make better choices, think well before you act!


Mercury and Venus are on your side and now a phase of recovery begins: in short, you can regain faith in love. At work, try to be careful: you need a reward and it is probably not that hard to get it!


The good news for love: The moon is on your side and there are new ones to come, and even great choices to make at the end of July. At work, the period is interesting: however, try to rebalance spending!


In love you should try to put aside pride, which has often caused you problems in your feelings. At work, simply ignore the provocations: try not to withdraw into yourself and make new appointments!


Mercury and Venus are dissonant, so love can face problems and the critical spirit does not abandon you. At work you are a little confused: However, new opportunities are on the horizon, especially from next July 5th!


There is a bit of confusion in love, but Venus is on your side and therefore it is probably better to clarify something from the past. At work, try to remember that you have so many things to do and plan: you should probably find some peace of mind!


The Moon is on your side as well as the Sun: The realm of love is good, but you need to clear your heart. At work, beware of tensions with partners and co-workers: soon any doubt will melt away!


Tensions in love for some couples, but everything will be resolved very soon. At work, the moment is important and the good news is coming: come on, don't give up now!


The sentimental realm is vague, you are probably looking for clashes and arousing controversy. At work, the Moon is in opposition: beware of annoyances!


Good news for love because Venus, Mercury and Saturn are on your side: so try to think about the future, about something constructive. Proposals come to work and you are in the mood for change!


Good new meetings, but try to evaluate everything carefully. Maybe you are a little caught up in economic issues. The time of redemption has come at work: get involved and silence the 'false' rumors they have made about you! 

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