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Ledian Agallijaj is the biggest supporter of Elhaida Dani

Ledian Agallijaj is the biggest supporter of Elhaida Dani

The French musical "Notre Dame de Paris" went up yesterday evening on one of the biggest stages in our country, the "Air Albania" stadium. The international troupe played in the Albanian capital, while the role of Esmeralda was played by the well-known Albanian singer Elhaida Dani.

Just as Elhaida promised "it was an unforgettable night". Emotions on stage and emotions outside it. Of course, on this special night, her partner Ledian Agallijaj could not be absent. The couple has not had the opportunity to spend much together these days, but they certainly enjoyed yesterday evening. Sweet and romantic videos of them, who look like they are always in love and smiling, have been published on social networks.

Elhaida has considered the role of Esmeralda as " a great achievement for me as an artist, while from the human side I have lived it myself when I was 19 years old I went to Italy and tried to live in a country where I did not know the language and I wanted to feel like others. But I still felt alien like Emeralda, I tried to create my identity every time I try to revive this role on stage, I try to have my emotions that I have lived, but also from my relatives and compatriots".

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Muzikali “Notre Damme de Paris” është i shkruar nga muzikanti Riçardo Coçiante dhe tekstshkrues është Luc Plamondon. Elhaida u ftua nga të dy autorët e projektit për të luajtur rolin e Esmeraldës në muzikalin e famshëm botëror i cili është pjesë e librit Guinness. Gjithashtu, duke njohur terren të gjerë nëpër botë, vepra është e përkthyer në 7 gjuhë të tjera.

"Notre-Dame de Paris" is a musical connection between French and Quebec culture, which had its first debut on September 16, 1998 in Paris. It is based on the novel of the same title (The Hunchback of Notre-Dame) by the French novelist Victor Hugo. Since 2016, Elhaida Dani and "Notre Dame de Paris" have been traveling around the world presenting it to art lovers in France, Lebanon, Russia, Taiwan, Canada, etc. This is one of the biggest shows in the world, so the representative team is also very professional.

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