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Meghan Markle talks to the Queen after so long  

Meghan Markle talks to the Queen after so long  

The relationship between Meghan Markle and Queen Elizabeth has broken down after the Duchess of Sussex's departure from the kingdom.

But after the death of Prince Philip, Meghan and the Queen have spoken together for the first time because as foreign media reports, Meghan has expressed her condolences to the Queen.

Although the Duchess failed to attend the Prince's funeral due to pregnancy because she was advised by doctors not to travel, Harry was close to his family at his grandfather's funeral.

Harry immediately traveled to the UK after receiving the news and appeared next to his brother and father at his grandfather’s funeral. Sources close to Harry revealed that he has been in constant contact with Meghan and Archie every day as he has been worried about the fact that he has left them alone.

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