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This week's luckiest signs, according to Paolo Fox

This week's luckiest signs, according to Paolo Fox


This will be a positive week for those who have decided to have a new work experience and not only. In the coming days, you may receive interesting work-related or sentimental news that will make you smile. But, despite everything, the stars advise you not to let your guard down and rest on your laurels.


There will be no shortage of good news, but you have to know how to spot it. If you focus only on the negative aspects, you will get involved in a vortex of bad emotions, from which you will hardly get out. To triumph you must be able to look at life with positivity and being open-minded. Whoever manages to do this, will triumph.


It is no wonder that you feel tired, especially when you are required to concentrate to do something. In order to achieve some of the goals you have set for yourself, it is necessary to get involved more, in some cases even by exerting yourself. It would be nice to take short breaks from time to time.

The crab

This can turn out to be a very good week in terms of business, to be as profitable and productive as possible. In order to keep the set pace, you must be able to finally resolve the pending situations. The support and help of your loved ones can be helpful.


Luck will help you in the coming days, making Leo one of the luckiest signs of this period. You will find it difficult, however, to take advantage of the optimal astral position if you do not first clarify your priorities and desires. Take the time to devote a few moments to meditation, as it can be more beneficial than you think.


This week you may receive good news. There is nothing wrong with wanting to improve economic conditions, but remember that this requires constant work and effort. Whoever manages to take the first step without holding back can succeed in that task where many others have failed.


Now you have the opportunity to make your dreams come true, but doing so requires great concentration. Take more care with yourself, reflect about your desires and what you want from life. Also think about how you should act to make those wishes come true. Be careful, however, not to alienate loved ones.


The stars predict that this will be an optimal week. After a long, difficult period, you will finally be able to breathe a sigh of relief. The new week of November seems to have reserved moments of joy and calm for those born under the sign of Scorpio. Anyone looking to take the leap into a relationship should take advantage of this opportunity.


The week will turn out to be better than expected. Monday is the best day to consolidate work relationships, and a greater involvement on your part will help you in what can be considered the initial sprint of a long race. To gain advantages, you have to try hard and in many cases you may have to make new allies.


Not all things can be done or achieved suddenly. In some cases, like now, it is necessary to roll up our sleeves and resolve any extraordinary situations before we think about moving forward. Starting a business, whatever it is, requires peace of mind and deep knowledge that cannot be obtained in the near future. The stars advise you to be patient and wait for a more suitable period.


Those born under the sign of Aquarius will finally be able to rejoice that they have managed to reap victory even where they feared they would lose. If you will talk to your loved ones about your feelings, it will help you to have a better self-esteem and it will help you in your relationship with them. It is also important to ask for help and to consult about the solution of those situations that did not go as you hoped.


This will be a useful week for those born under the sign of Pisces, in the sense that they will be able to focus on their own lives. Focusing in one direction will not be easy and is often not recommended, so it would be appropriate to stop and reflect for a moment. The finish line is close enough, but one wrong step is enough to ruin days of sacrifice.

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