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"He ordered my arrest for Adem Jashari's song", the Albanian singer accused Dukagjin Lipa

"He ordered my arrest for Adem Jashari's song", the Albanian

The singer Shemsi Krasniqi, the soloist of the group "Ilirët", has accused Dukagjin Lipa that the latter ordered his arrest because he wanted to go on the stage of "Sunny Hill" to sing Adem Jashari's song.

In a post on Facebook, Krasniqi writes that a policeman, on the orders of Dukagjin Lipa, arrested him, not allowing him to go on stage.

"Dear citizens. Today something happened to me that I never expected in my life. I went to Dig in "Sunny Hill" as a participant, without one, without two, an official policeman named Shkëlzen Xhafa ordered me to be handcuffed without doing any harm and no other policeman wanted to do this.

This rascal even punished some policemen because they ignored his orders, this jerk was clearly paid by Dukagjin Lipa to bring me to this state, that I broke up with Dugi, that I swore to him on my two children, that I left to sing Adem Jashari's song and he has sworn to his three children that he will not allow me. Tomorrow I have to go out to sing that song, let Shkëlzen Xhafa take as much money as he wants, yes I have gone out.

See you in "Sunny Hill", Shemi, Ilirë, Xhamadani and Adem Jashari... the legendary song is the biggest hit at the moment. Only Dukagjin prevents Lipa", writes Shemsi Krasniqi.

On the other hand, the Kosovo Police clarified the incident through a response. According to the police, Krasniqi was arrested after going on stage without authorization.

"During the development of the Sunny Hill Festival, which is being held in the park of Germia, on 06.08.2022 at around 16:50, at the venue where the artists perform, the following was banned: Sh.K., (year of birth 1955, Kosovar male) , who had boarded the train without authorization. Police officers who are engaged in providing security during the development of the festival, have requested that the person in question leave there. He did not respect the order of the official and in this case he was accompanied to the police station. The police have notified the guardian prosecutor about the case and with instructions from the same, a summons is issued for disobeying the orders of the official. The Kosovo Police remains committed to respecting the law and maintaining public order and tranquility," the police announcement states.

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