RP’s Mediu: Official dialogue mediated by internationals needed to solve the political crisis

Republican Party Chair Fatmir Mediu called in a media interviews on Friday and over the weekend for official dialogue between the ruling majority and opposition mediated by international partners, in order to solve the present political crisis in the country. According to him, the Democratic Party’s junior allies should be part of the negotiating team. He said that the opposition should negotiate with Edi Rama in the latter’s capacity as Socialist Party Chair.

He said that the opposition cannot neglect the SP and the dialogue with this political force, regardless of this party’s poor state due to what he said was Rama’s blatant mismanagement. The opposition should negotiate an electoral system that guarantees the eradication of vote-bargaining and election rigging and a fair electoral administration, Mediu said.

In related news, Socialist Movement for Integration official Edmond Panariti said in a TV interview on Friday that the opposition should engage as a group, rather than individually, in the dialogue with the ruling majority aimed at solving the present political situation. Panariti said he hoped that Basha had learned from his past mistakes, referring to the 2017 Rama-Basha agreement, which in his view solved only temporarily the ruling majority-opposition disputes.