Dodik: Bosnia in NATO “Only if Serbia Joins It”

Bosnia-Herzegovina would not submit its Annual National Program (ANP) to NATO, because Republika Srpska (RS) was against countries joining to the Alliance and did not wish a level of cooperation that would be higher than what Serbia currently had, the Serbian member of B-H Presidency Milorad Dodik said.

“There is no road to NATO. We are connected to Serbia in this regard. If Serbia should join NATO in one hundred years, we will too. If Serbia does not join NATO in 300 years, we will not join it also, as long as I and my political options are in charge of this. The Partnership for Peace Program and Individual Partnership Action Plan (IPAP) – that is completely enough”, Dodik said for Tanjug news agency.

He thus replied to the criticism of the opposition in RS that by signing the agreement on principles for the formation of Council of Ministers with the leaders of Party of Democratic Action (SDA) Bakir Izetbegovic and Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) Dragan Covic “gave up on military neutrality policy of RS”.

Dodik said that ANP was not mentioned in the principles for the formation of the government and that he would not be sent to NATO.