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The US Embassy is concerned about Tahir's release: We are looking for the process documents

The US Embassy is concerned about Tahir's release: We are looking for the

The reaction of the US embassy in Tirana comes after the release from prison of the former minister of the interior, Saimir Tahiri.

In a short reaction, the embassy states that they are following the release of the former minister with concern.

"We are following with concern the release of Saimir Tahir and we are looking for the documents of the process", says the embassy's response.

Tahiri left prison today, to continue his sentence under "house arrest", according to the decision of the Court of Elbasan. At the request of the prosecutor of the Mustafa Turku case, judge Matilda Fetahu announced the decision to release Tahir.

The decision of the Court of Elbasan:

Convicted Saimir Bashkim Tahiri, born 30.10.1979, based on Article 59/a, Letter "b" of the Criminal Code, the unserved part of the prison sentence of 1 (one) year, 8 (eight) months and 15 (fifteen) )day, suffer it with "Staying at home", at the residential address: "Kodra e Diellit" Street, building No. 3, Tirana Municipality. 3. Convict Saimir Bashkim Tahiri is allowed to leave his place of residence during the period of stay at home to meet the necessary family needs, which the Probation Service agrees on.

The immediate release of the convict Saimir Bashkim Tahiri, from further serving his sentence in the IEVP Kosovë Lushnje, pursuant to this decision, is ordered, if he is not arrested or convicted for committing any other criminal offense. 5. A copy of this decision should be sent to the Prosecutor's Office at the Court of First Instance of the General Jurisdiction Elbasan for its implementation and to the Institution of Execution of Criminal Decisions Kosovo, Lushnje".


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