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Manja orders isolation of three 'strongmen' in '41 bis' regime

Manja orders isolation of three 'strongmen' in '41 bis'

Three characters from the world of crime, Viktor Ymeri alias Viktor Bajraktari, Klement Çala and Eldi Çala have been isolated for a year in the special regime "41 BIS".

The decision was taken following the order of the Minister of Justice, Ulsi Manja. The decision of the Minister of Justice comes after a close cooperation and interaction with law enforcement agencies SPAK, DBP, State Police, SHISH, ICS.

Who are the isolated?

Brothers Klement and Eldi Çala are in prison for robbing a plane with money at Rinas Airport on April 9, 2019. They were arrested in March 2020 in a luxury villa in Qerret, while Klement Çala is already accused of laundering the proceeds of crime. . On April 9, 2019, a group of people managed to receive the amount of money transported by armor from commercial banks in Albania abroad through Rinas. Admir Murataj, a person close to Klement Çala, died after a clash with the police.

They are accused of being members of the criminal group that planned the armed robbery of monetary amounts, long before it was realized by securing and adapting the vehicle with which they committed the theft, the other vehicles with which they left the scene, secured the necessary means for opening the emergency doors on the perimeter of the airport, provided the weapons of war, studied the movements of cash inside the airport, planning in detail the theft.

Viktor Ymeri is accused of being part of the group that killed Vajdin Lamaj. Ymeri is known as one of the most problematic people in Vlora and has ties of friendship and kinship with Edison Harizaj, executed a few months ago in Durrës. Ymeri was considered by the Police and the Prosecution as one of the closest people to Gazmend Braka, otherwise known as Gaxhai, sentenced to life imprisonment. Ymeri and Gaxhai executed together in June 1999 with dozens of Kalashnikov bullets Arben Paja and Ilir Xhunga, who were part of another criminal faction in Durrës.

Initially, Paja and Xhunga, who were traveling in a van type "Citroen" near the Durrës Police Directorate, were shot with an anti-tank shell, which, although it touched the bumper of the van, fortunately did not explode. After that, automatic Kalashnikov volleys were fired on Paja and Junga, which came from four wings, leaving them dead on the spot. For this event, Durrës Police at that time arrested Gazmend Braka and Viktor Ymeri inside the house of a doctor in Durrës. Ymeri is already behind bars for two very sensational murders, that of businessman Vajdin Lame and Klodian Saliu.


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