Morning Post / In 2 lines: What mattered yesterday in Albania

Morning Post / In 2 lines: What mattered yesterday in Albania

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"Morning Post" brings you a flash of the main news that happened yesterday in Albania. Click on the blue hyperlinks if you want to read more. If you love 'Post' in your email write us at  [email protected]

. Journalists meet with the Secretary of the Assembly after being excluded from activities. Submit  5 requests, expected to be considered by Parliament.

F Lefter Koka drone business attack  , the event happened two days ago; details.

25 25 thousand Russian vaccines arrive, Manastirliu announces the  reduction of the vaccination band : Starting from 57 years old.

■ 30 minutes after the start of the test,  the math exam thesis comes out . The case is repeated, as the Language-Literature thesis also emerged.

■  DASH : To open without delay  negotiations of  Albania  with the European Union

Eta  Meta comments on  dismissal : Parliament dismissed on April 25,  no worries , I stopped declaring the opposition a terrorist organization. This Assembly is the  shame of all  those who created it together

■  SP CongressBalla bleach details: Celebrating 30- year anniversarythe program  "Albania 2030" and an  analysis  of the deep. It seems that  Basha  will be re-elected at the head of the DP, I do not believe he will refuse to cooperate with us

Political parties spent about  5 million euros  on  electoral propaganda on TV

■ Said that can be restored back to the top of the Democratic Party,  reacts again Sali Berisha with a warning picture
E lidhur- the Planet  Berisha and Meta  to recover 'helm' DP and SMI explained

■ Albania is elected  a temporary member of the UN Security Council

Gara Tomorrow the race in the DP, this is  the ballot for the election of the new mayor

■ Starts with a spectacular ceremony "Euro2020" in 'Olimpico'  of Rome, Italy starts well, can Turkey 3-0
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