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Morning mail/ With 2 lines: What was important yesterday in Albania

Morning mail/ With 2 lines: What was important yesterday in Albania

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■ Illegal Albanian immigrants in Britain,  Rishi Sunak phone call with Rama?

■ Paradox : Albania will supply Puglia, when Tirana suffers for drinking water

■ Steinmeier message from the Assembly: Fight corruption,  work across the trenches between the opposition and the government

■ Faced with interceptions with Čapjan, Rama reacts : I believe in the facts, I don't talk

■ Von der Leyen letter to Albanian activists : Europe should not behave like a "sleeping beauty" in the face of an anti-democratic regime

■ " We don't let go of the boulevard ", Berisha talks about December 6: Everything in the hands of the protesters

■ The resolution of the European Parliament is clarified:  the EU is concerned about corruption, impunity and freedom of the media

■ Debate on immigrants/  Rama telephone conversation with the British Prime Minister,  the embassy reveals what they discussed

■ Berisha:  The 'call centers' of Olta Xhačka's adviser  are deceiving Europeans with bitcoins 

■ Related:  Permit for protest was refused,  two DP representatives meeting with the director  of the Tirana Police

■ CEC officially gives the mandate to  Ori Nebiaj and Petri Doda


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