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The Prosecutor's Office of Pristina confirms the handcuffing of Naim Mursli: The suspected weapon of the crime has been seized

The Prosecutor's Office of Pristina confirms the handcuffing of Naim

The Prosecutor's Office of Pristina has reacted regarding the murder of 33-year-old Liridona Mursliu. The prosecution has confirmed the arrest of her husband, Naim Mursliu, and another person, who is suspected of being the author of the murder.

In the announcement, it is said that the weapon suspected of having committed the crime was also seized.

"The Basic Prosecutor's Office in Prishtina, informs the public opinion that in coordination with the Kosovo Police, in the wake of intensive investigative actions, regarding the case dated 29.11.2023, which was initially assessed as "robbery with consequences of murder ", where a woman was left dead, resulted in the arrest of two suspects involved in this case.

According to the order of the State Prosecutor and with the approval of the judge of the preliminary procedure, the General Investigations Unit of Pristina, within the Kosovo Police, conducted raids in two locations in Gjakovë, in which case the persons GP were arrested from this action (hand) and NM (husband of the victim), suspected in the murder of the victim, and the weapon suspected to have been used in this case was seized.

Currently, the suspects are being interviewed at the police station, until the prosecution will take further legal actions against them. The prosecution, in coordination with the police, is continuing with the undertaking of investigative actions related to this case ," the prosecution announced.


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