EU High Representatives: Government to Be Quickly Formed and Negotiations Resumed

EU High Representative in Kosovo Nataliya Apostolova said in an interview for Kosovo Online that she expected the quick formation of the Kosovo government so that the dialogue between Pristina and Belgrade could be resumed as soon as possible.

“Now we want to see that Kosovo institutions begin to function”, Apostolova said.

She reiterated that the customs tariff of 100 percent, introduced by the Kosovo government on the import of goods from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, should be abolished and that the EU did not change its stance on this matter. On the contrary, she believes that the new government should abolish the tariff immediately.

Asked about the participation of Serb List in the government, she said that the Serbian representatives were elected by the majority, they were legal and that they should be in the government.

“The Constitution of Kosovo is clear how the new leaders need to relate to this issue. However, they decide who they will nominate and we are very interested to see how this problem will be solved”, Apostolova said.