Poll: 45.5% of Serbs See the EU Membership as the Most Acceptable Foreign Policy Priority

Just under half of the citizens of Serbia, that is 45.5% of the respondents, still view the EU membership as the most acceptable foreign policy priority, while 17.6% said the country should be a member of the Eurasian Union, according to the latest poll by Bureau for Social Investigations (BIRODI) published on Monday.

One-third of the respondents think that Serbia should not be a member of either the EU, the Eurasian Union, or NATO.

Only two percent of those polled would support Serbia being a member of both the EU and NATO, while among those with elementary and lower education, EU membership is the top foreign policy priority, and they also statistically significantly support Serbia’s membership in the Eurasian Union (23.5%).

Since the polls started being conducted, the highest support for EU accession was seen in November 2009, when 73% of the respondents were for the membership and the lowest in December 2012 and 2015 when only 41% supported the idea.