Zeka brings out the conversations: Kosovo businessmen were stunned in the name of McGonigal, how Agron Neza was involved

Zeka brings out the conversations: Kosovo businessmen were stunned in the name

The Kosovar politician and journalist, Milaim Zeka, has made a shocking statement, related to the recent scandal of the former FBI official, Charles McGonigal.

In the "Çim Peka live" show, Zeka spoke about the blackmail that a foreign official has done to businessmen in Kosovo, with the claim that he would remove their names from the blacklists that the American secret services allegedly had for them.

Zeka identified the official as "son of the FBI". Several messages from a colleague appeared in the studio, talking about how meetings were organized. Zeka stated that these people were using McGonigal to blackmail businessmen.

Zeka mentioned the name of Agron Neza (Person A) whom he connects with Faik Ymeri, the person who used the seal of the CIA and the FBI to blackmail the businessmen of the "Devolli" company in Kosovo.

Excerpts from the conversation:

“The idea is that they had original letters from the FBI guy, from McGonigal; they just changed the names on them and used them to tell people that they would be blacklisted by the US and if they paid it could be banned."

"My question is what does that mean? The FBI guy was blackmailing them with original files by putting the names?"

"The FBI guy, according to the colleague, had access to the original files used in the blacklist of Russians from the US, they took them and changed the names with Albanian names, Albanian politicians or businessmen is the idea and says this is a very wild thing. A new twist is that the FBI guy in Tirana, his partners, had papers that looked legit, the FBI logo, that they would present to businessmen around town who might be suspected of doing things that could get into blacklisted by us. They would then set up a meeting with the FBI guy, usually in Vienna, where the frightened businessmen would be encouraged to pay the partners 1 to 5 million."

Peka (continues): This is the claim of a colleague where it is believed that this operation was carried out in Vienna. In fact, even in the file of the Department of Justice, there is talk of the meeting in Vienna of an Albanian businessman politician with McGonigal. As far as you know, from the meeting you had with McGonigal, from the meeting you had with Agron Neza, do you believe this fraud operation?

Milaim Zeka: I absolutely cannot declare anything about Charli, but I can declare about the contact of Agron Nezaj, who may have been a victim, but all these forged documents with the seal of the FBI, even with the seal of the CIA -s were used by a person in Brussels named Faik Ymeri, who put everyone in the game and demanded up to 10 million euros in tribute, compensation, from Kosovo businessmen to remove them from the blacklists. Of course this man has been called to the head of the FBI, of course I am saying, but this is being investigated by NATO agents in Brussels, it is being investigated by the American CIA and the FBI because this person has blackmailed many businessmen and yes I only say one name: he blackmailed the group of the "Devolli" company, the most powerful people in Kosovo. And I believe that this is enough.

Zeka brings out the conversations: Kosovo businessmen were stunned in the name

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