Serbian Court Abolishes Verdict for Former US Marine, New Trial to Come

Mjediset e një gjykate në Beograd Foto: Darko Vojinovic/AP

The Court of Appeals in Belgrade, on Tuesday, abolished the verdict by which a former US Marine and US Navy SEAL reservist Daniel Corbett was acquitted of the charges for an unlawful holding of a gun with an erased registration number, while three Serbian citizens were convicted to prison sentences.

According to the decision of the Court of Appeals, their trial will be repeated before the Higher Court in Belgrade.

Corbet spent a year and a half in custody, since his arrest in January 2018 up to his acquittal in June last year, when he was released.

It is not certain whether he will attend this repeated trial, although he can be tried in absentia.

Besides his trial, the trial will also be repeated to the three Serbian citizens who had by the abolished verdict been convicted to sentences of six months up to two years in prison.