Blic: US Congressmen Engel demand Arrest and Extradition of Guri

At the recent meeting with Aleksandar Vucic in Munich, American congressmen requested that Serbia, for the murder of the Bytyqi brothers in 1999, arrest and extradite Goran Radosavljevic a.k.a Guri, the then police general on the territory of Kosovo, Blic daily writes.

In the group of congressmen, as the daily writes, was also Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Elliot Engel, also the representative of the New York 16th district, known to the public in Serbia as an Albanian lobbyist.

According to Blic’s source, who attended the meeting, the American congressmen openly requested the arrest and extradition of Guri, the former commander of the Special Police Units (PJP) on the territory of Kosovo at the time of the Bytyqi’s murder in 1999.

Ever since the opening of the investigation into this crime, Radosavljevic has been marked in the public as the organiser of the murder. However, he was never officially accused.

Blic recalled that the Serbian Parliament recently adopted an amended the extradition agreement between Serbia and the United States.