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Rama's draft for the association, VOA: It is unclear whether the Albanian government requested it, or whether it was offered

Rama's draft for the association, VOA: It is unclear whether the Albanian

In Albania, Prime Minister Edi Rama announced today that he has submitted to French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz a draft for the creation of an association of Serbian municipalities, drawn up, as he said, by top-level European and American experts.

Prime Minister Rama stated that it is a confidential document, which takes into account that the association is part of the organization of life in the Republic of Kosovo, addressing all the recommendations or conclusions of the Constitutional Court of Kosovo.

" Yesterday, I forwarded to President Macron and Chancellor Scholz, who are the two godfathers of the Franco-German proposal, a draft of the association, for which I also informed the President of the European Council, Charles Michel, as well as the American side," declared Prime Minister Rama , announcing that the document was drawn up "by experts of the highest level American and European for a long time", without explaining when it happened, but emphasizing that: "it was made just in case this day would come, this days when the parties and in this case, for me, it is the position of Kosovo and not Serbia that is incomprehensible, I repeat, it does what it has done and other times, the parties cannot even agree on who should write this text and not to understand what the text should have".

It also remains unclear whether it was the Albanian government that requested the drafting of this document, or whether it was offered to it.

Mr. Rama said that the experts have made a contribution and that he has simply made this contribution turn into an opportunity for dialogue emphasizing that he has not volunteered to make any agreement, "I have simply undertaken to contribute to the dialogue table through the godfathers of the process, who are the president of France and the chancellor of Germany.

It is up to them to do what they want with this contribution because now it was ready to be done and now are the conditions to do it, seeing that instead of sitting at the table one leads the police to empty buildings, the other leads the army to sing songs on the borders with Kosovo".

Javën e shkuar kryeministri Rama pati një takim të veçantë me presidenti francez Macron, gjatë Konferencës së sigurisë në Bratislavë, ku zoti Macron foli me tone të ashpra ndaj autoriteteve të Kosovës duke i konsideruar ato përgjegjëse për situatën e krijuar në veri.

Një situatë që sipas kryeministri Rama “po merr përmasat e një tragjedie politike për Republikën e Kosovës” e cila shtoi ai, “si kurrë më pare, po fajësohet botërisht nga të gjithë aleatët strategjikë të kombit shqiptar”, të cilët i cilësoi si “zotët e shtëpisë në Kosovë”.

While describing the document provided by him as confidential and for which Prime Minister Albin Kurti was not consulted, Mr. Rama was content to explain that "I think that an association that is within the constitutional framework of Kosovo, that is in sync with all the expectations of the democratic community, which gives self-administration, self-management, whatever you call it, to those who make it up, without ever questioning the authority of the institutions of the Republic of Kosovo; that gives them the opportunity to do what they need to do for education and health and that definitely finds the approval of the Constitutional Court of Kosovo, is what Kosovo needs today ", he underlined. VOA


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