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Can Rama win the elections in three words?

Can Rama win the elections in three words?

By Alfred Lela 

In the 2017 elections, Prime Minister Rama ran for a second term. Against all, without a clear and three-word program: Boiler, pan, steering wheel. He managed to win, among other things, even though he challenged Basha in political chess, by enmity between PD and LSI, and creating a political mosaic where it seemed that Meta's party had ruled Albania alone, while PD and SP were in opposition.
Three words, a pair of tracksuits and dozens of jokes, made the 2017 election campaign a strange thing, where the only angry man was Ilir Meta, even though he had been elected President of the Republic.
It seems that Rama is implementing the same scheme as four years ago. Attack Meta, Mona and LSI, ignore Basha, stigmatize Berisha, and create PR schemes with torn shoe soles, waiting for vaccines at the airport, Eurocinism, Erdoganism and so on.
The keywords, this time too, seem to be three. So far he has formulated the first; scrap. The idea revolves around a project of him and Basha, always according to KM, to dismantle the SMI.
The work to take Meta's party to the Turks of Kurum in the former Metallurgical, continues, even though the chairman of the Democratic Party betrayed him, claims Rama.
What is the truth? We will not know, as long as only one of the protagonists speaks and can have it all for diversion.
We are not so much interested in this, as in the fact that Rama knows that only by creating a dividing ground between the opposition forces can he achieve another victory. The accounts of the opposition should be made on this basis or on the projection of a majority that for the first time captures the third term.
As for the inhabitants of this country, no wonder. In three words: Glory Marxism Leninism, they spent 45 happy years.

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