Pro-Regime Media Accuse the US Envoy Palmer of Being Organizer of Lynch of Serbian President Vucic

Announcements of the opposition MPs that on Tuesday evening they will organize a protest in front of the building of Radio Television of Serbia (RTS) during the interview of President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic provoked a very strong reaction of the ruling structures and Vucic himself, and they reported through the media they control that the US special envoy Matthew Palmer was behind “organization of the lynch”.

The pro-regime TV Pink organized on Tuesday evening a special program in which MP of the ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) and a close friend of the Serbian president, Vladimir Djukanovic a.k.a. Bizon said the assassination of Vucic was being prepared, and that all was probably organized by Palmer, who on Tuesday morning met in Belgrade with the opposition leaders.

“What’s he got to meet with the opposition?” Djukanovic said after he accused the US diplomat of a sort of preparing a coup.

In a studio of TV Pink, a panel discussion was organized which was attended by the pro-regime analysts of public opinion who raced in condemning the opposition leaders calling them fascists, miserable and crazy people…

The program also included direct broadcast from the Belgrade streets, but it was interrupted without explanation at 20.00 hrs although the opposition gathering should only start at that time.

Vucic himself reported in the program at one point who said in a noticeably shaky voice that he was afraid of nothing and that he will surely go to RTS to take part in the program.

Both Vucic and Djukanovic said that many members of SNS wanted to come in front of the RTS building to deal with the opposition, but that they were against it because “it was what the opposition wanted exactly”.

Using the same words, they called the SNS supporters not to come on Tuesday evening in the city center.

All other participants of the special program in TV Pink agreed that the special envoy Palmer, i.e. the USA, was behind the “attempted assassination” of Vucic.

It is quite unclear how it is possible that Vucic’s associates publicly express such absurd accusations, but it is perhaps even stranger that there was no reaction of the US Embassy or any US officials to this on Tuesday.