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From the difficult childhood years in Albania to racism in Greece, Eleni Foureira tells

From the difficult childhood years in Albania to racism in Greece, Eleni

Eleni Foureira is one of the most successful names in Greece and beyond. Especially after participating in "Eurovision" she has gained fame everywhere in Europe. As it has often been part of controversies about Albanian origins both in our country and in Greece.

In an interview for "Vogue Greece", Eleni talked about the difficult childhood years she spent in Albania, the racism she suffered in Greece, her participation in Eurovision, as well as her dream of making a career abroad.

Referring to the beginning of her career and how she had to hide her origins, the singer said: "I was from Albania, as if that was something bad. Then I couldn't help myself, even TV was different, more violent. I think if I started today, people wouldn't let them do that to me. Today the world is going against racism, it is not letting it flourish and this is very important", said the singer.

Foureira said that her childhood was difficult due to poverty and the war in Albania.

"I can't compare how my child will grow up with how I grew up. I experienced a different situation. Poverty, civil war in Albania, migration to Greece, a big way to redefine my life at a very young age. At the same time, with unlimited love from my parents. All this made me very sensitive but also very difficult at the same time. Ten years ago I was handing out leaflets on the street. We had to survive. There was no place for all of us not to work. I will raise a child who will not have to do this to survive. But I want to teach him that nothing comes so freely, I want him to know that to have something you have to work hard, just like I worked hard to offer him what I'm going to offer him," said she.

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