The eight strangest phobias in the world

The eight strangest phobias in the world

The "fear" reaction that people show to a situation or feature is called a phobia. Fear of heights, fear of cats or dogs are common phobias.

However, you may be surprised to hear the names and characteristics of some types of phobias. There is a way to deal with every phobia, but dealing with some can be harder than it seems.

But what are the strangest phobias in the world?


Chirophobia is the fear of one's body. For example, if a person is afraid of his feet, he may be afraid every time he sees them.


People who are afraid of crossing the street have Agirophobia if they experience this situation at an advanced level. They experience this problem more in pedestrian crossings.


It means the person who is afraid of becoming bald. Men are afraid of going bald, while women are afraid of marrying bald men.


Pediophobia, which is the fear of dolls, does not apply to every toy. Human-like toys can scare people with Pediophobia.


In Eisoptrophobia, known as the fear of looking in the mirror, people often think that when they look in the mirror, they will connect with the spirit world.


Rhytiphobia, which is usually observed in women, is the fear of wrinkles. In fact, this phobia, which can be seen in many women, but which is not noticed, today increases the tendency towards aesthetics.


Deipnophobia, known as the fear of speaking and the inability to speak in crowded environments, is commonly seen in people who dislike sociability.


People with this phobia think that extraordinary beings around who are planning evil will harm them.



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