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"No surrender", posters against reciprocity in North Mitrovica

"No surrender", posters against reciprocity in North Mitrovica

In North Mitrovica, posters against the re-registration of cars with RKS-Republic of Kosovo license plates have appeared again.

On the windshield of some cars, stickers were seen with inscriptions "No delivery, the KM remains", referring to the KM license plate (Mitrovica of Kosovo), which is issued by the Serbian authorities and is considered illegal by Kosovo.

Likewise, the symbol of Kosovo on some car license plates has been covered with sticky papers that say KM.

On September 1, the 61-day deadline for the re-registration of cars with license plates bearing the abbreviations of the cities of Kosovo, issued by Serbia - such as KM, PR, PZ and similar - that are used by Serbian citizens in the north of Kosovo, began.

This is the second time that such messages appear in North Mitrovica, after the first time they appeared on July 30 of this year. But, even this time, the Kosovo Police did not make any announcement about these posters.

Meanwhile, during the month of August, graffiti appeared in North Mitrovica that read "Northern Brigade - Don't worry, we are here, we are waiting".

In the other world, the Police in the regular 24-hour report identified the case of the display of graffiti, but did not indicate the results of the investigations carried out.

It is estimated that in the four municipalities in the north (North Mitrovica, Leposaviq, Zubin Potok and Zveçan) there are around 10,000 cars with license plates issued by Serbia.

The Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, through a video message in the Serbian language, today called on the Serbs to convert the number plates to RKS, saying that this will enable free movement throughout the territory of Kosovo.

According to Kurt, 401,945 cars are registered with RKS license plates.

"Of these, tens of thousands are owned by minority communities. Those that need to be converted to RKS license plates make up about 2 percent of them," he said./REL

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