Kingmaker coalition leader Abazovic not sure Djukanovic will step down peacefully

Dritan Abazović

Dritan Abazovic, leader of the Black on White coalition, which is a decisive factor in forming a new government, said he was not entirely sure that Montenegrin President Milo Djukanovic would peacefully step down.

“I am not sure that Djukanovic is ready to step down in a peaceful and dignified way, because he is now looking for ways to raise tensions regarding national communities”, Abazovic said in an interview with TV Al Jazeera.

“I think that the DPS is at its last gasp and that these are its last twitches to try to change the will through either exerting pressure on me personally, or maybe some incidents, but I think that it is all doomed”.

“Djukanovic is a political past and an end should be put on it. It would be correct for him to resign and for us to have new presidential elections. European Lukashenko has failed”, Abazovic said.