PM Rama: Ready to dialogue with the opposition on any issue related to country’s affairs; general elections in 2021

In an interview for Klan TV on Monday, Prime Minister Edi Rama considered his Friday’s meetings in Berlin as being positive to the launching of membership talks with the European Union (EU). “Germany is closer to a positive decision in regards to the membership talks than it was some months ago,” Rama said.

He added that the EU member states had an internal debate in regards to the EU-Albania membership talks that were not related to the European Commission’s technical assessment on the talks. Rama said he would no longer comment on the statements of the leaders of institutions and the opposition. He said that the ruling majority was ready to dialogue with the opposition on every issue related to the country’s affairs but the next general elections would be held in 2021.

In addition, he said that the ruling majority would complete the process for the dismissal of the President of Republic. Asked about changes to the electoral system as part of the electoral reform, he said that the ruling majority would listen to any proposals with respect and without prejudices.