Vucic gives up on military parade on the anniversary of the NATO air-strikes

Vucic said that Serbia would, in Nis on 24 March, mark the 20th anniversary of NATO air-strikes, but suggested that a military parade, which had been planned for that date, should be held on Victory Day, 9 May.

“I asked the Defense Ministry and the police for the parade, at which we shall show everything that we have, not be held on 24 March but rather on 9 May the day of Victory over Fascism and for us to then show everything we have and how much the Serbian army has grown stronger with its own money”, he said.

It was Vucic himself who had, last week, announced that within the marking of the 20th anniversary of the beginning of NATO air-strikes in Nis on 24 March, a military parade would also be held at which the “citizens will have the opportunity to see 1,500 highly-trained special troops in action, equipped and dressed by the latest standards and between eight and ten MiG 29s and 19 new helicopters”.

“Serbia is boosting its strength, its security, and its safety. This is the pillar of further reinforcement of our country”, he said last Tuesday, inviting residents of Nis and citizens from other towns of that part of the country to “come and see their army” on that day.