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Meta denounces with names: Lefter Koka involved in the "incinerator mafia", threatens SMI members

Meta denounces with names: Lefter Koka involved in the "incinerator

President Ilir Meta has accused the former SMI minister, Lefter Koka, currently the SP candidate in Durrës, of being involved in the "incinerator mafia".

Invited to the show "Opinion", Meta says that people close to Koka threaten the members of the SMI not to ask for the vote of the citizens in the parliamentary elections of April 25.

" I know that everyone in the incinerators is worried, and all the citizens of Durrës and all the 'lovers of justice' hear that the incinerators mafia, whose members are today candidates for the Renaissance in Durres, are threatening the boys and girls of Durres. At the top is the former minister of the SMI who today is running for the Renaissance. These mobsters are campaigning in Durres with the money of incinerators.

Do you want to know why I went to Durrës a few months ago, because the incinerator headquarters threatened the girls and boys of Durrës of the Socialist Movement for Integration ", said Meta.

The names denounced by President Meta as members of the incinerator mafia that put pressure on Durres:

Lefter Koka

Arben Seferi

Arbër Shtylla

Juri meraj

Skerdi Bello

Arbër Koka

Meta denounces with names: Lefter Koka involved in the "incinerator

Asked about the relationship with Koka, Meta said that everything between them has been interrupted.

" I personally severed relations with Lefter Koka due to his low political and human morale, a few months before the termination of his mandates.

"Alqi Ballko, a 17th Renaissance candidate in Tirana, is also a member of the incinerator mafia, placed in this position to buy votes", said the president.


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