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Attack on Top Channel, Rama: Media has never been freer than today

Attack on Top Channel, Rama: Media has never been freer than today

Prime Minister Edi Rama was invited to a live broadcast on Grida Duma's show on Top Channel television. Asked about yesterday evening's assassination, where a security employee of this media was killed, Rama said that the media today is freer than ever.

"We don't know the direct motives of this criminal mission. But the fact that in a barrage of bullets on a national institution like Top Channel makes this version connected to a media, to a national institution of freedom of expression as a whole."

"We don't know the exact motives, even though the police have approached the perpetrators, but there is still no concrete result either in terms of their capture or motives. There is no chance to remain without determining the motive."

"I'm trying to explain myself beyond a dry explanation that I can give at this moment, as the police are working to catch the driver."

"The freedom of the media in Albania has never been as positive as it is today. Never before, as today, has the media had the freedom to say whatever it wants, to express any point of view. Even in one aspect, it abuses its freedom to express I mean the media industry in Albania, which today is in a free field in every way."

"If we look at the numbers, the order has never been better than today in terms of acts resulting in murder or injury. There is room for improvement. I cannot deny that these types of events have a way, a display of aggressiveness that makes them very sensational and disturbing."


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