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From March 6 and the ironies for the DP to the warning for the announcement of 'non grata' of Meta, Rama's messages in the group meeting

From March 6 and the ironies for the DP to the warning for the announcement of

In a meeting with the SP parliamentary group, Prime Minister Edi Rama gave his messages for the March 6 local elections, attacked the opposition and spoke about the election of a new president.

Regarding the elections, Rama asked for the commitment of the deputies and the leaders of the regions. He told his subordinates to focus on issues that concern citizens and to do as little politics as possible during the campaign.

According to Rama, the SP will focus on the problems, while the opposition on the survival of Lulzim Basha and Sali Berisha, ironizing the position in which the latter are currently.

Rama's statement that "three leaders, one grade, another non grade, the third both together" is taken as a warning that President Ilir Meta can be declared "non grata".

"We will fulfill our task to elect SP candidates in 6 local units. We will organize the campaign as well as possible, but without neglecting any other engagement and without removing the focus from the national consultation. The forces engaged in these 6 municipalities will be the local forces, ie the deputies and the political leader of the district. Our messages will be related to the concerns and problems of these municipalities.

Meanwhile, the less political in this election, the better, because politically the picture is clear. On the one hand we with our offer, on the other hand the political opponents. In 6 squares for 12 or 18 squares it depends on how they will be lined up. On the one hand, we, who will offer a concrete job, on the other hand, those who will fight for the political survival of two or 3 party leaders here in Tirana and who have nothing to do with these elections.

On the one hand we, those who have our pros and cons, on the other hand those with locks, pendants, bags with decorations, all against everyone to test the forces at the expense of those municipalities. "Two democratic parties, one bigger than the other, and another party bigger than both together, next to the big third, three leaders, one woman, the other non grata, the third both together" , said Rama.

The latter spoke about the election of the new president. The prime minister said the procedure for his election would begin in April. He stressed that the situation in the DP will make it difficult to find a common language with the opposition.

Kreu i qeverisë sulmoi figurat që kanë mbajtur postin e presidentit, duke i akuzuar se mnuk e kanë ushtruar detyrën konform me ligjin. Ai tha se do të gjendet një emër, i cili do të t’i ktheje normalitetin njerëzor moral e institucional zyrës së Presidentit të Republikës.

“Në muajin prill na duhet të zgjedhim presidentin. Komplikimi i skajshëm i situatës me krijimin e dy PD na bën të vështirë të gjejmë adresën se ku ta kërkojmë dialgoun me opozitën parlamentare por ne ndërkohë duhet të mendojmë për mënyrën se si mund të këshillohemi me qytetarët edhe për këtë vendimmarrje.

After a series of characters that have degraded the figure of the president in a negative presence for the institution of the head of state, to say the least, we have the great political and constitutional civic responsibility to give the Albanian people at the head of the state a normal man in the first place.

A president or head of state to return human moral and institutional normalcy to the office of the President of the Republic. It will not fall from the sky, it will surely be found among us here in the territory of Albania because it can be outside the Republic of Albania, but we have the obligation to give that office the opportunity to have a normal person for the next 5 years " , declared Rama .



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