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Rama: The SMI is a virus, it has also infected the socialists

Rama: The SMI is a virus, it has also infected the socialists

Prime Minister Edi Rama has described the SMI as a virus, and even admits that it has infected the socialists, given that Monika Kryemadhi's party seeks votes in exchange for a job in the state.

Invited to Vizion Plus, Rama says that both the SP and the PD are affected by the virus.

"SMI is a rotten apple that has affected other apples as well. Both the SP is affected by the SMI virus, and the PD. Because it is a kind of virus that infects people chain because it offers a model that is the worst possible model, but that is attractive, to capture a job in the state.

It has created within the SP and PD a very dangerous disease, which translates into internal resistance to meritocracy.

If I were to tell you about the internal conflicts in the Socialist Party for not encroaching on meritocracy in the recruitment of teachers, nurses, which was done by imposition from above. This is the SMI model, how cancer cells grew, squeezing and squeezing power.

I mean the mechanism, I'm talking about a system. PS has been affected by this disease, very badly, in a previous period of time especially. I can not hire a teacher by order. You may believe it, you may not believe it!

SMI is the example of degradation, of decay. To think of voting for the SMI today is to really betray your future and that of your children. To vote for the rotten apple to be kept in the box and for the others to rot as well ", said Edi Rama. 


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