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Security approves the agreement for refugees, SP deputy: Let's get more

Security approves the agreement for refugees, SP deputy: Let's get more

Socialist MP Vullnet Sinaj expressed the opinion that Albania should accommodate more refugees than the 3,000 number provided for in the agreement between the Italian and Albanian governments.

In the security commission held online, Sinaj asked the Minister of the Interior why it was decided that Albania would receive 3,000 refugees and not more, mentioning the figures of 6,000 or 10,000.

Taulant Balla replied that this is the figure requested by the Italian side itself.

The explanation, however, did not seem to satisfy the deputy of SP Sinaj, who said that with a higher number of refugees expected, it would emphasize, according to him, the hospitality and availability to Italy, as well as bring more economic benefits.

"We did it because we did it, we had done it for two or three camps but it didn't work", he said.

In the end, the agreement was approved in principle by the SP deputies.

Balla guaranteed that with the arrival of immigrants there is no risk of national security and that elements registered for crimes or terrorist acts cannot enter.

During the online conversation, Balla said that at the moment of arrival, their identification is done and if it turns out to be filed, it is returned back. He also added that the center is monitored 24 hours a day by the Albanian side.

Pranvera Resulaj: What will happen when we have criminal events outside the territory, how much capacity do we have to manage the situation with our police forces. Is it considered a national security risk?

Taulant Balla: No one can enter the territory of the Republic of Albania who has been booked for criminal activity or terrorist acts. For this reason, it is foreseen that at the first moment of their arrival in the Republic of Albania, their identification is done. If it turns out that it is expired, it does not enter Albania but is returned immediately. From this moment, after their registration and verification, they are transported from the Italian side, accompanied by the Albanian police, to the reception center. The reception center is under the jurisdiction of the Italian Republic and is responsible for order and security. In special cases, it is specified in the protocol what happens when our intervention is requested.

There is no risk of any type of criminal activity by any of them outside the territory of the center because the center is monitored 24 hours a day by the Albanian police forces. The expenses for the costs of this operation will be covered by the Italian government as part of this protocol. You should rest assured that there is no risk of any criminal activity being carried out outside this territory.

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