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"Death to the residents of the area", Blushi: Roskovec Municipality attempts to build a power plant in an agricultural area

"Death to the residents of the area", Blushi: Roskovec Municipality

The General Secretary of the Freedom Party, Tedi Blush, has published several documents, where it is stated that the Municipality of Roskovec is trying to build a thermal power plant in an agricultural area.

In a Facebook post, Blushi writes that this project is criminal and treacherous, equal to "death" for the residents of the area.

The post of the General Secretary of PL, Tedi Blushi:

Criminal and treacherous (as only "Rilindja" knows) the attempt of the Municipality of Roskovec to pave the way for the construction of a thermal power plant in the agricultural area of ​​the village of Suk and its surroundings, bringing "death" to the door of the house, a the wonderful, hard-working community that has suffered so much from the dramatic oil well pollution.

The Roskovec area is a successful agricultural area, planted with up to 700 hectares of greenhouses, which should be strongly supported with subsidies and not finally destroyed with such destructive, corrupt projects and with extremely serious consequences for the health and lives of citizens , but also for their properties.

Dear citizens of Roskovec urgently deserve transparency:

❌ Why were they not made aware of the project and why were they never called to public hearings?

❌ Who is the private investor and who benefits financially from this project, clearly to the detriment of the residents, and especially the farmers?

❌ Why will the TEC be built on arable land, which the law prohibits?

❌ Is the construction of Roskovec TPP a criminal scheme similar to incinerators?

We strongly oppose this project and fully support the legitimate concern of the beloved community of Roskovec.

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