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Berisha: The 'call centers' of Olta Xhačka's adviser are deceiving Europeans with bitcoins

Berisha: The 'call centers' of Olta Xhačka's adviser are

The head of the DP, Sali Berisha, has denounced the adviser of the Foreign Minister, Olta Xhaçka, that they are deceiving Europeans with bitcoins through 'call centers'.

Speaking at a meeting with residents of unit 1 and 3 in Tirana, Berisha said that European citizens are invited to buy bitcoins, and be considered 25% more.

 Berisha : We must go out on December 6, as we have become boat people, as we are stolen people, that is why we are poor and that is why I am leaving. This is the truth, because there is no richer land than this land. Because when the prime minister loots the thousand-year-old port, no colonizer has done this, but this one will build his own Dubai.

It's been 2 weeks that I've been denouncing an extraordinary theft they do to Europeans. In one aspect, our protest against this regime is for all honest Albanians.

What do they do? With the call centers of the adviser of Olta Xhaçka, of the strategic minister, they invite European citizens who buy bitcoins, put it in this application and we will consider 25% more. There are people who believe and buy bitcoins, put it in the app and believe they have it there, but they never have it again.

All these call centers patronized by Olsi Rama. They told the workers not to worry that the government is not harassing you. And then the bitcoin ended up in the digital wallet of the mafia that organizes this. And then where? It was turned into cash with the dirty money brought in by the cartels of Ecuador, Mexico and all the cocaine gangs and the rest that was not returned ended up in the United Arab Emirates.

You see in what cycle, they got rich in all ways. With that money, they want to sell the Dubai apartments to them, for the citizens voted amendment after amendment as if there were no children, sick people, parents, everyone voted against.

Let us also vote on the 6th in the presence of all of Europe against this government that loots and steals from its own people.

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