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Incinerator/ Alimehmeti: Veliaj has taken over the powers of other municipalities

Incinerator/ Alimehmeti: Veliaj has taken over the powers of other

The DP councilor in the Municipal Council of Tirana, Ilir Alimehmeti, clarified the legal violations committed by the mayor Erion Veliaj for the allocation of another 6 million euros for the non-existent incinerator.

Invited to the Task Force, Alimehmeti emphasized that there are several violations committed by Veliaj, where, among other things, at the beginning of this procedure for the start of work on the construction of the incinerator, it has taken the powers of other municipalities of the District of Tirana, in violation total of the law.

Excerpts from the conversation:

Alimehmeti: Who is the first link? The acting mayor is the mayor for Tirana, but from the beginning he has signed for all the municipalities of Tirana District.

So if you represent these citizens here, what do you have to do with the citizens there?

What obligation do the citizens of Kavaja, Vora, Rrogozhina, Kamza have, what obligation do they have, why should they depend on you?

This is a serious first offense. Second, the mayor is an executive body, so the legislative body is the City Council, there is no document from the City Council that allows the start of the process of building the incinerator, he did it with his own signature, the City Council never requested it, so that legitimacy was discussed here.

This beam which he says was placed was placed by a method that was abusive and illegitimate from the start. And this should be seen in this context because none of the municipalities may have any kind of obligation to deal with these people for 30 years, seeing that the procedure is false from the beginning.  

The third element is this obligation. For S3 12 million euros, the government had to pay these concessionaires from the budget.

So far, he has only given around 4.5 million euros and now he is asking the Municipality of Tirana to spend another 6 million euros.

It is not included in the financial part, but for 6 million euros what services will be cut in Tirana for the sake of Erion Veliaj's company to incinerate some garbage that is not incinerated because the incinerator does not exist at an unjustifiable and abusive cost


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