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The National Integration Council, Tabaku ridicules the government: Our duty, the implementation of decisions even when we don't like them

The National Integration Council, Tabaku ridicules the government: Our duty, the

Today, the meeting of the National Council for European Integration (KKIE) is being held for the fulfillment of the recommendations of the European Commission Report for 2023, for the commitments undertaken within the Roadmap for the Rule of Law.

The deputy of the DP Jorida Tabaku was present, who in her speech "stung" the majority, when she said that despite the fact that everyone wants to take ownership of the new justice, the duty remains to implement the justice's decisions even when they are not what we want.

 "We all want to take ownership of the new justice, although our duty remains only to implement their decisions even when we like them and especially when we don't like them.

There are no two justices. There is no good justice for me because it falls on my opponent, and unfair justice against me because it strikes me.

We have also strengthened the role of the assembly in the integration process, not to add another institution to the long river of bureaucracy, but to bring civil society closer together.

Whether we like it or not as a politician, we have to make sure that these institutions have the resources, staff and legal support for their activities.

This Integration Council is a space that is run by the opposition and that, in full agreement with the majority, we have decided to open to civil society, interest groups as an agora for policy discussion by anyone who does not have access to governance.

With this action, we want to assure you that the door of KKIE is open and we are ready to comprehensively control and monitor, but at the same time a reminder of the importance that the opposition has to be comprehensive and to bring the process closer to the citizens. "- said Tabaku

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