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Galloping corruption bankrupts the Vorë Municipality, Hoxha: SPAK and justice bodies to investigate corrupt tenders

Galloping corruption bankrupts the Vorë Municipality, Hoxha: SPAK and

In my capacity as a candidate of the Democratic Party and the opposition coalition "Together We Win", I am today officially addressing the Vore Municipality, the Supreme State Audit Office and other institutions, with the request for information about several tenders held in the Vore Municipality over the past four years. the last.

I hope that these institutions do their duty and react with transparency and responsibility for the respective tenders.

On the contrary, non-response and lack of transparency will be considered as an attempt and participation in covering up and hiding the corruption that was done with these tenders.

It is not about pocket money, but about 11 procurement procedures with a value of 14 million euros.

As a candidate for the municipality of Vora and as a citizen of the Republic, I call on SPAK and the Albanian justice bodies to investigate these corrupt tenders, which were clearly made not for work, but to steal, because they invent work, not for done, but to rob the funds. To put the hands in the pockets of the citizens of Vora, in the state coffers and where they can come out.

It is the duty of the judiciary to protect every penny of citizens' taxes from abuse, theft and corruption, whether public or private.

Vora in the last four years is a symbol of Edi Rama's crime and local misgovernance. For four years, five mayors have changed, and yet no investigation has been carried out, no mayor has gone to justice for the abuse and open theft they have done to the citizens of Vora.

Vora has great development potential. It is the entrance gate of Tirana, 10 km away from it, but today it looks like a lost corner of Albania, only because the taxes have been stolen, only because the citizens' money has ended up in the pockets of the rulers.

This situation, the justice bodies must put an end to. They owe it to the honest citizens of Vora. The rampant corruption in Vora has bankrupted the Municipality, and no institution has intervened to punish the responsible persons, to return the dignity of good governance to the citizens.

Therefore, I call on SPAK to land in the offices of the Vora Municipality and take control of a black hole where the money of taxpayers, parents, workers and working people of this area is lost.

On May 14, I promise all the citizens of Vora, regardless of party or political belief, that theft and corruption will come to an end and a new period will begin for them and for the local government, for the benefit of the people and development of the area.

All the people who abused their money have their place before justice and that's where they will end up!

Together we win!

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