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"The average salary has decreased", Berisha: The judge and prosecutors are bought by the government with high salaries

"The average salary has decreased", Berisha: The judge and prosecutors

The head of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, during his speech to the supporters, said that the two fierce enemies are the denial of free vote and the theft of assets and public funds. 

Adding that both of these walls that separate Albanians from the future they deserve have one author and that is Rama.

Today, as in the most brutal invasions, we face two great evils. With two fierce enemies of our being. First, with the denial of free vote. Second, with the terrible theft of public property and public funds by our governors. Both of these great national disasters, both of these walls that separate us from the future we deserve, have an author. They have their own builder and this is Edi Rama.

Dear friends. Tonight I call on Albanians everywhere to think for a moment and ask themselves the question: how is it possible that in 2013, we managed to be the best paid citizens in the region, we managed to have the highest salaries and pensions in the region.
What happened to us these 10 years, during which wages should have doubled, at least doubled, if not tripled? Why did we roll over again as we have been for decades if not centuries, the lowest paid people in the region?

This has only one explanation. Nothing else, theft, theft and only theft of the property of Albanian citizens by Edi Rama and his clique. Anyone who looks at the numbers will find that after 2013, Albanians pay twice as much in taxes. That after 2013, salaries, just like in the communist system, were frozen and did not increase. Debt increased, salaries and pensions did not increase.
Prices rose and exceeded prices in EU countries. Today, my friends, everyday food is cheaper in Italy, cheaper in Greece, cheaper in most EU countries. This is because salaries and pensions remain what they were. They did not follow the price increase.

This caused terrible poverty to lie cross-legged in 60 percent of Albanian homes.
Meanwhile, the salaries of the highest officials, compared to the average salary of Albanians, became 6 times higher. But not only 6 times, but also 15 times higher. There is no place in the world for an official to receive 15 salaries, or receive 70-80 pensions per month. This happens only in the system where the nomenclature of power does not ask about the lives of citizens.

This only happens in the system where judges and prosecutors are bought by the government with high salaries.
And the judge is given 6 million salary, 7 million salary, a real state crime. A month ago I was reading the statement of a US congressman who stated that his monthly income had not increased by a single dollar from 2009 to 2024. Meanwhile, the average salary of Americans had increased progressively. It reminded me of Albania, where the average salary of Albanians, in relation to prices, has decreased by at least 40-50 percent. Meanwhile, the high salaries of ministers and governors are doubled or tripled and more.

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