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"After bankrupting him financially, Rama is getting construction permits from the local government"

"After bankrupting him financially, Rama is getting construction permits

From Petrit Vasili:

The local government is now a ghost totally looted by the government!

Today, in my speech to the Assembly, I told you all the Albanians of the local Rama government are grabbing all their powers in a mafia manner.

Rama's latest VKM also takes the construction permits from the Local Government, which the Government will already give, in order to grab every fruit, pear and plum of corruption in her and Rama's hands alone.

After taking the water to the local government

After financially bankrupting the Local Government and dozens of Municipalities, they are in debt up to their necks.

After filling it with corrupt mayors with criminal records.

After he has prepared the Draft Law where the Prefects of the Government dismiss the Mayors and control the funds and projects.

After filling the Municipalities with patronage, multiplying the employees, who absorb hundreds of millions of euros in salaries.

After totally burying the 2015 Local Government Reform and the new administrative division.

Now the Local Government is a ghost in the last breath filled with patronages, who vegetated and used for propaganda campaigns like dirty kamikazes.

Even the Executive Committees of the Labor Party before the 90's had much more powers than the now bankrupt renaissance Municipalities.

And to think that this Local Government, which is a dead, walking person, has to administer tourism, when in reality they have only left the straw keys in their hands.

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