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The "priest" who wants to become a "Hoxha" for votes/ The mayor of Rama holds political lectures in the mosque

The "priest" who wants to become a "Hoxha" for votes/ The

The Democratic Party Kavajë Branch has denounced the mayor of the city, Redjan Krajli. The latter was in the premises of a Mosque in Kavaja, and gave a political speech, which is prohibited.

According to PD, Krajli's gesture is a serious insult to the Muslim faith and an inappropriate indication of faith for political purposes.

The mayor has used the Mosque for the purposes of the election campaign, to get as many votes as possible in the local elections on May 14.

PD Kavaje's post:

The "priest" who wants to become "Hoxha", just for votes!

The outgoing mayor of the bankrupt municipality has committed the ugliest act against Muslim believers, holding political lectures in the house of God, which is completely prohibited inside the premises of a Mosque.

This gross insult to our faith is an unseemly indication of the use of religion for political purposes.

We had heard about the use of state resources during the election campaign, but we never thought that we would reach the ugly point of violating religious faith, just for a few more votes at the ballot box.

This individual, who has shown that he has nothing to do with politics, should come out immediately and publicly apologize for this unprecedented gesture in 33 years of democracy and freedom of belief.

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