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Rama's proposal for the head of SHISH/ Shehu: A failed experiment, just like with the Foreign Minister!

Rama's proposal for the head of SHISH/ Shehu: A failed experiment, just

The democratic deputy, Tritan Shehu, in his speech in the Assembly, stopped at the proposal of Prime Minister Edi Rama to appoint Vlora Hysen as the head of SHISH.

During his speech, Shehu said that he considers it a political mistake and that this move is very negative for the state of Kosovo.

"The prime minister's proposal to nominate an area from Kosovo to SHISH, without asking and without consulting the Parliament, the Security Commission, and in a purely personal way. I consider this action a political mistake. An expression of a will that does not bring positive elements, but negative ones. What is the political message that the prime minister will give with this? And what does such an action contain that is not normal!? Who can be the political message for Kosovo? This only harms Kosovo and creates the opposite effect for the new state of Kosovo, at a time when it needs to strengthen its sovereignty as a state to be independent. Such an action happened with the boy appointed foreign minister but who did not become a foreign minister, a failed experiment. As was the Minister of Education,Shehu said.

The MP goes on to say that here too we are playing the game of Serbian President Vučić, as he emphasized that action like the Open Balkans is not in the Western way.

"Then why do we continue with such messages? We play Vucic's game here as well. We must do everything for the consolidation of Kosovo. Why do we have to do such adventures and show such positions. Someone thinks that it was done to give signs of patriotism. No, it's the opposite. Actions like the Open Balkans are not in the Western way. Whoever thinks that there can be patriotism directed from the east, is wrong. All those actions are against our interests", said Shehu.


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