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"SP continues to cooperate with bandits", Salianji: The mayor of Tropoja is involved in corruption

"SP continues to cooperate with bandits", Salianji: The mayor of

Democratic MP Ervin Salianji from Tropoja declared that the Democratic Party has won the elections, cooperating with gangs throughout the country.

Salianji said that the mayor of Tropoja, Rexh Byberi, is bloated by corruption.

According to him, the DP today remains united and with principles, while the SP continues to cooperate with bandits.

Ervin Salianji: Tropoja and Albania should be proud of Sali Berisha and Azem Hajdari. We have put an end to the internal battles that have brought water to the adversary. Everything we have gone through should serve us for reflection. We made mistakes in the division and we have to look carefully at everything.

In 11 years of Rama's government, everything has gone wrong. PD has proud people who stand by their convictions. The mayor of Tropoja is bloated by corruption, when he was with PD he was bad according to Rama, when he became SP he was good. We have mentioned Bajra and other gangs in Shkodër, we have denounced them by name. Then they say SP wins.

If there's a gang war, even you who are left will be on the run. We have decided to stay with values. We have denounced Arben Ndoka.

You saw Ndoka working with gangs all over Albania to kill people. The control of the territory has been the gangs becoming one with the state, even the elections have been won thanks to the cooperation with the gangs. The gangs have served the state and the state has then served the gangs. SP and gangs have become one.

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