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"Order is better than ever", Berisha: Innocent people are killed, while Rama is the cynic

"Order is better than ever", Berisha: Innocent people are killed,

The head of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, commented on the statement of Prime Minister Edi Rama, when he said that "the situation of law and order in the country is better than ever", regarding the gun attack on Top Channel the day before.

From Kuçova, where he presented the candidate of May 14, Lefter Maliqi, Berisha said that while innocent people are killed by gangs, the prime minister plays the role of a cynic.

Berisha : On May 14, we must give a deserved response to the regime based on crime and drugs. With such connections, this regime has created absolute insecurity among Albanian citizens. Innocent people are killed, others are injured. A week ago, a mother, a grandmother who worked two jobs to support her granddaughter was executed at the counter.

3 days ago he was executed in the cabin, where he stayed all night, the third shift, a guard, in a barrage against a media. Of course, when the prime minister chooses 'they eat each other's heads' as a leitmotif, this is a license to kill. This is a license for killers. A prime minister can never say such a thing. A prime minister has laws, the institution, he has the police, and he doesn't let people get killed. A prime minister, who orders those who commit crimes to go where they belong, but not to execute each other in the streets and to execute innocent citizens with their volleys.

When a prime minister says 'they eat each other's heads' he has washed his hands. Streets, squares, bars are in the hands of crime. When the prime minister puts a tritol on the media, other gangs dare and fire volleys against others. And what is the attitude in this case? The most extreme cynicism. Yesterday, the family members buried their innocent man who died, who was executed in the cabin while performing his duty. Today, as a consolation, we received from this cynic that; order today is better than ever. Is there any greater cynicism, contempt for citizens than this.

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